Cardinal Nation Promotions

Cardinal Nation Promotions

In years past Cardinal Nation has worked with area restaurants, bar & grills, and organizations lending itself and it’s brand to promote other businesses. If you are in the market for a fundraiser or are looking to increase ballgame traffic to your establishment, we can help.

Cardinal Nation authentic apparel is a hot item because of the uniqueness and bond the fans have among each other. Our apparel is unique in that it can only be purchased at one place, the Cardinal Nation website.

For Establishments (Restaurants & Bar and Grills

In years past we have worked jointly with establishments on promoting their business through the Cardinal Nation brand. Often times we’ll print up unique shirts specifically for a promotion and only for a promotion. This increases the marketability of your establishment. Cardinal Nation will print a unique Cardinal Nation t-shirt or product that you can sell at your establishment. It gets people in the door and by offering an incentive to your customers, it keeps them coming back. The marketability of our shirts and products are such that they typically sell themselves. The benefit for the establishment is revenue from the t-shirt sales as we’ll put your logo on the shirts to which you sell to your customers. Offering them discounts when the return to your place during a ball game or on game day if they where their shirt, ensures you excellent exposure for your establishment and increased sales.

For Fund Raising
Cardinal Nation has worked with a few fundraising events over the years. Again, the marketability of Cardinal Nation apparel is an easy way to make money on sales. As with the restaurant promotions, we provide custom Cardinal Nation shirts to a fundraising cause at a significantly reduced rate from retail rate. It’s a way to add something unique and sell-able to raise money for your cause. Everyone in St. Louis loves Cardinal Nation gear. Again, it sells itself but by adding a one of kind design dynamic to the mix, it’s a huge opportunity to gain additional income for a cause.

Contact Cardinal Nation to inquire about Cardinal Nation fundraising.

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